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Soul Purpose Thriving -
Your Personal Map to Mastery

Identify Your Soul Purpose, Live It & Thrive

Identify Your Soul Purpose, Live It & Thrive in 90 Days or Less
Or We Will Continue Working With You 2:1 For Free Until You Do

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Soul Purpose Thriving
Signature Method

The SPT 3-Step Method is an accelerated 2:1 Mentorship Program for the committed individual that is ready to fully step into their power as creator within their life. Here is how it works:

  1. In the first phase of John and Dana's Signature Method, an individual's unique soul purpose is spotlighted. Dana Pellegrini, a certified Quantum Creation Oracle in the Soul Purpose System, guides this process. Dana and John then unpack this blueprint in a personalized coaching session, discussing the inherent codes, gifts, and challenges within. 

  2. In the second phase of John and Dana's Signature Method, individuals consciously craft their soul's desires, building on the clarity obtained from their defined soul purpose. A fertile field for personal growth is established, marking the way for the manifestation of cherished dreams. This phase also sets the stage for gauging success.

  3. The third phase stimulates the awakening of creation seeds and eliminates barriers to manifestation. It delivers a reservoir of tools and practical wisdom for flourishing in the grand journey of life. By embodying higher wisdom and applying practical principles, you can propel your life to untapped heights. As each individual embraces a life they love, we collectively foster an atmosphere of unity and unconditional love, birthing a New Earth.

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